Privacy Policy of Masjid Matrimonial

Masjid is an online matrimonial portal endeavoring constantly to provide you with matrimonial services in US. Masjid Matrimonial gives utmost importance to your privacy and aims to provide you safe experience here. By accessing /using the website/apps and/or by providing your information, you consent to the collection and use of the info you disclose on the website/apps in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Following are some important concerns that you might have regarding our privacy policy:

The information we gather from members and visitors who apply for the various services our website/apps offers includes, but may not be limited to, email address, name, date of birth, educational qualifications a user-specified password, mailing address, and telephone/mobile number. All other private information submitted by the user is confidential and is not disclosed. Your profile information will only be seen by those with whom you will be matched. No other members will be able to see it.

We will only collect Personal Data that is reasonably necessary for enabling us to provide services to you and providing mechanisms for communication between your match. It is necessary for our internal research and statistical purposes (including market segmentation and customer value analysis). It also enables us to forward other information or material which we believe may be of interest to you.

We reserve the right to send electronic mail to you regarding recommended profile matches, notification alerts of activity such as interest alerts or message alerts, promotions or offers, changes or additions to our services, or any products and services of our affiliated businesses.

your local masjid will be the third party during the matchmaking process. The Imam of your nearest mosque will have the right to interview you and let us know about it. They will have the right to work on the calendar and arrange a meeting.

We will keep your Personal Data only for as long as we need it for legitimate business. We will take reasonable steps to erase any Personal Data that we hold about you, where:

  1. we no longer need the Personal Data for the purposes for which it was collected and we are not otherwise entitled to retain such data
  2. We are not required or obligated by law, regulation, or court order to retain the information.

If certain information has been provided to third parties under this Privacy Statement, retention of that information will be subject to the policies of the relevant third party.

We do not sell your Personal Data to any third parties. Unless specifically referred to in this Privacy Statement, we also do not disclose your Personal Data to any third parties for other business purposes.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the information you provide to us is accurate and to update your Personal Data as necessary. You may correct by yourself but if for any reason you are unable to correct any Personal Data held by us, please contact us.
If you wish to have your Personal Data erased, please communicate your request to us using the contact information provided. We will put your profile on hold and after that, we will completely delete it.
If we correct or erase Personal Data about you that we previously disclosed to a third party in accordance with our Privacy Statement, we will take reasonable steps to notify the third party of the correction or erasure and to request that they do the same.

As stipulated in the Privacy Policy we will retain the information we collect from users under the following circumstances: For as long as the users subscribe to our services to meet their suitable purpose(s) for which it was collected, for the sake of enforcing agreements, for resolving any form of disputes, for establishing legal defenses, for pursuing legitimate businesses.

We aim to protect your personal information through a system of organizational and technical security measures. To ensure the privacy of any personal information that we process, we have introduced effective internal control measures. Please also note, however, that we do not guarantee that the internet itself is 100% secure. When your data is in our custody, we comply with security requirements that protect it from unauthorized access.

We may change this Privacy Policy without notice from time to time without any notice to you. However, changes will be updated in the Privacy Policy page.